AA-QVMServer gamelogic used on Der Bunker. 2 years
an_almangoAn Almango: a Tremulous map and experiment in futility. 2 years
bunkergraphsThe scripts that generate plots for 2 years
bunkerqvmOld QVM used on Der Bunker. 2 years
bunkerscriptsVarious scripts written to make managing a Tremulous server easier. 2 years
cemAn EM wave simulator that implements the FDTD method. 2 years
cuboidA Tremulous 1.2 mod focused on cuboids and fixing balance issues. 2 years
division-golfMy solutions to an optimization problem posted on IOTA's Discord. 2 years
e2eWork in progress) Heidelberg E2E to MATLAB converter 2 years
funkoA mirror of the source code of the Tremulous 1.1 mod that was used on R CZ serve...2 years
gsoc-prototypesVarious prototypes made for Google Summer of Code 2020. 2 years
mapcatA tool for combining multiple Tremulous maps into one. 2 years
minitremMy vaguely Tremulous-inspired C++ homework. 2 years
new-edgeNew EDGE Tremulous Modification 2 years
opticksA DokuWiki theme for 2 years
otsu2018An implementation of Otsu et al. (2018) clustering algorithm for generating Colo...2 years
polarization2 years
praca_inzynierska„Porównanie metod oceny jakości oddawania barw przez komercyjne źródła ś...2 years
rayMy old path tracing experiment. 2 years
rcon2020Make rcon great for the first time 2 years
schachtmeister2A daemon that checks WHOIS and revDNS records for detecting VPNs and ban evasion...2 years
turbowcCount lines in a file as fast as possible -- a silly experiment in optimization....2 years
zittrig-4The server software used for the Der Bunker Tremulous servers. 2 years