AA-QVMServer gamelogic used on Der Bunker. 21 months
an_almangoAn Almango: a Tremulous map and experiment in futility. 21 months
bunkergraphsThe scripts that generate plots for 21 months
bunkerqvmOld QVM used on Der Bunker. 21 months
bunkerscriptsVarious scripts written to make managing a Tremulous server easier. 21 months
cemAn EM wave simulator that implements the FDTD method. 21 months
cuboidA Tremulous 1.2 mod focused on cuboids and fixing balance issues. 21 months
division-golfMy solutions to an optimization problem posted on IOTA's Discord. 21 months
e2eWork in progress) Heidelberg E2E to MATLAB converter 21 months
funkoA mirror of the source code of the Tremulous 1.1 mod that was used on R CZ serve...21 months
gsoc-prototypesVarious prototypes made for Google Summer of Code 2020. 21 months
mapcatA tool for combining multiple Tremulous maps into one. 21 months
minitremMy vaguely Tremulous-inspired C++ homework. 21 months
new-edgeNew EDGE Tremulous Modification 21 months
opticksA DokuWiki theme for 21 months
otsu2018An implementation of Otsu et al. (2018) clustering algorithm for generating Colo...21 months
polarization21 months
praca_inzynierska„Porównanie metod oceny jakości oddawania barw przez komercyjne źródła ś...21 months
rayMy old path tracing experiment. 21 months
rcon2020Make rcon great for the first time 21 months
schachtmeister2A daemon that checks WHOIS and revDNS records for detecting VPNs and ban evasion...21 months
turbowcCount lines in a file as fast as possible -- a silly experiment in optimization....21 months
zittrig-4The server software used for the Der Bunker Tremulous servers. 21 months