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masterForgot about code blocksPaweł Redman2 years
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2020-07-23Forgot about code blocksHEADmasterPaweł Redman
2020-05-27Minor redesign (mostly a new font)Paweł Redman
2019-09-03Don't set display: inline-block on list itemsPaweł Redman
2019-04-17Add theme and font info to the footerPaweł Redman
2019-04-16Tile the background imagePaweł Redman
2019-04-16Improve the overall layout; add link galleriesPaweł Redman
2019-04-11Style code correctlyPaweł Redman
2019-04-11Replace 'optiks' with 'opticks'Paweł Redman
2019-04-11Initial commitPaweł Redman