BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
enneract/wip(WIP) Handle errors and timeouts in whois.Paweł Redman5 years
masterFix an OOB access error in database code.Paweł Redman5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-06-21Fix an OOB access error in database code.HEADmasterPaweł Redman
2017-04-11Remove a potential race condition in database code.Paweł Redman
2017-04-07Rewrite a nonsensical comment.Paweł Redman
2017-04-07Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference.Paweł Redman
2017-04-07Fix a bug that resets the lists on reload.Paweł Redman
2017-04-06Change the protocol to work with Q3.Paweł Redman
2017-04-06Add command-line arguments.Paweł Redman
2017-04-06Invalidate cached results on reloads.Paweł Redman
2017-04-06Make the signal flags volatile and atomic.Paweł Redman
2017-04-06Fix a memory leak.Paweł Redman