BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix a segfault in cgame console.enneract8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-10-22Fix a segfault in cgame console.HEADmasterenneract
2014-07-12remove G_CheckCuboidConfig() until it is fixed/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix a nonsensical condition/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix the crash that occurs, for example, when selecting a cuboid to build/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12separate MISC_INFOHEAD into 2 fields, because a single 16-bit field is not en.../dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix the inconsistency between the enumarators and the strings of the means of.../dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix playerState_t::misc field updates not getting through in all cases/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12remedy some code failures/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix a bunch of compiler warnings/dev/humancontroller
2014-04-25Fix BG_Buildable dereferencing a null pointer if cuboidSize is NULL and build...enneract