AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-22Fix a segfault in cgame console.HEADmasterenneract
2014-07-12remove G_CheckCuboidConfig() until it is fixed/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix a nonsensical condition/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix the crash that occurs, for example, when selecting a cuboid to build/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12separate MISC_INFOHEAD into 2 fields, because a single 16-bit field is not en.../dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix the inconsistency between the enumarators and the strings of the means of.../dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix playerState_t::misc field updates not getting through in all cases/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12remedy some code failures/dev/humancontroller
2014-07-12fix a bunch of compiler warnings/dev/humancontroller
2014-04-25Fix BG_Buildable dereferencing a null pointer if cuboidSize is NULL and build...enneract
2014-04-18Fix a potential segfault.enneract
2014-02-25Fix Turrets and Teslas shooting at Humans, tweak power zap's parameters.enneract
2014-02-25Update SPLASH_VERSIONenneract
2014-01-19Minor shader and particle system fixesPaweł Redman
2014-01-19Fix greensplat.tgaPaweł Redman
2014-01-19Fix a typo in creditsPaweł Redman
2014-01-19Merge branch 'master' ofł Redman
2014-01-190.1.6Paweł Redman
2013-09-19Merge pull request #13 from DolceTriade/masterPaweł Redman
2013-09-17Various whitespace fixes and revert zap to GPPdolcetriade
2013-09-17Fix buildable loading bar not stopping at 75%dolcetriade
2013-09-15admin_higher mindfuck bugfixPaweł Redman
2013-09-15Merge branch 'master' ofł Redman
2013-09-15Battle suit + Helmet bugfixPaweł Redman
2013-09-14Merge pull request #7 from ZdrytchX/patch-7Paweł Redman
2013-09-14Updated cg_projectilenudgeZedwaitch (Zachary) Wibowanto
2013-09-13Missing cross_implanted.tga, proper Helmet texture and mara zap bugfix.Paweł Redman
2013-09-120.1.5Paweł Redman
2013-09-12Fix a bunch of bugs related to administration and announcingPaweł Redman
2013-09-120.1.4Paweł Redman
2013-09-090.1.3Paweł Redman
2013-09-090.1.2 and code cleanupPaweł Redman
2013-09-070.1.1 and asset cleanupPaweł Redman
2013-09-070.1.1 and asset cleanupPaweł Redman
2013-09-07Add missing Human Impregnation AssetsPaweł Redman
2013-09-07Merge branch 'master' ofł Redman
2013-09-07Make spectators not collide with buildings and playersPaweł Redman
2013-09-07Merge pull request #2 from ZdrytchX/patch-2Paweł Redman
2013-09-07Merge pull request #1 from ZdrytchX/patch-1Paweł Redman
2013-09-07Remove .orig filesPaweł Redman
2013-09-07Derp used wrong symbol (my bad!)Zedwaitch (Zachary) Wibowanto
2013-09-07Maintain Velocity when clipping walls for 200 msecZedwaitch (Zachary) Wibowanto
2013-09-06Add the remaining Cuboid 0.1.0 assetsPaweł Redman
2013-09-06Lower Tyrant trample damage by 33%.Paweł Redman
2013-09-06Mergeł Redman
2013-09-06Initial commitPaweł Redman
2013-09-06Initial commitPaweł Redman