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Google Summer of Code 2020

[The kind of stuff I worked on. Picture from [[gsoc:otsu2018_3|this blog entry]].]

I participated as a student in Google Summer of Code in 2020. I worked on New Spectral Upsampling Methods for Colour, an affiliated project of NumFOCUS.

I've published my project proposal. Maybe it'll help you if you're planning to participate yourself. The summary of my work, the work product submission can be found under this permalink.

I maintained a blog throughout the program. (It's actually a requirement for students under NumFOCUS). A few posts are purely progress updates, but most of them cover the math and color science behind the code I was developing.

Blog posts:

Big thanks to Google, NumFOCUS, and most importantly my mentors, Michael Mauderer, Thomas Manscencal and Hao Xie, for a great and fun summer, and the opportunity to work on a really cool project.

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