Welcome to my personal website. I'm Paweł Redman, known online as “enneract,” a programmer and a student of Optics at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. This wiki serves both as my personal blog and a library for interesting things, relating to science and programming, that I've bothered to write down.

I finished my Bachelor of Science Degree in February 2020. My thesis is available here.


Active projects:

  • Zittrig – an online community primarily centered around Tremulous and the Der Bunker server.
    • AA-QVM – game logic for the Der Bunker Tremulous server.
    • schachtmeister2 – a daemon that looks people up in WHOIS and reverse DNS to fight ban evasion.
  • gnlse-python – a Python package for solving a generalized Schrödinger equation to model non-linear optics in fibers.
  • Polarization – a tool for visualizing and learning about polarization of light.



  • Minitrem – a simple 2D strategy game, inspired by Tremulous.
  • mapcat – a tool for concatenating Tremulous map files.
  • Unvanquished – an open source shooter (a remake of Tremulous) that I've contributed some code and assets to
  • New EDGE – a game modification for Tremulous.

2015 and older

  • Cem – my first FDTD wave optics simulator.
  • Ray – my first path tracer.
  • Cuboid – another, older mod for Tremulous.